• A Project for DoC

    This project was to create a design to enhance the brand of The Department of Conservation (DoC).   DoC often needs to interact with private landowners for their work, and this interaction has the potential for conflict.  This design is a small gift to be used like a "worry stone" which DoC can give landowners when they start an interaction. The design is turned steel with a CNC engraved pattern based on the DoC logo. The 'stones' were then bent and placed in hot pools in Tokaanu which created a unique surface finish on each piece. Handling the 'stone' increases the quality of the surface finish. As the stone is held in your hand and fingered, the surface changes over time; so the older the relationship is, the more beautiful the 'stone' is.  The design takes advantage of  two psychology principles: firstly, an aspect of persuasion reciprocity - when given a gift people feel the need to respond in kind; and, secondly, it gives people something to fidget with and focus on during initial conversations. When people are nervous having a socially acceptable, low-level distraction can help them relax and become more comfortable in the conversation.