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Thesis –  A Study Of Auti: A Socially Assistive Robotic Toy

This thesis is an evaluation of Auti, a new socially assistive robot designed by the author for children with autism. The study investigates whether Auti is effective at encouraging positive play interactions and reducing challenging play interactions through the application of Applied Behaviour Analysis principles. The toy aims to encourage positive play behaviours, such as gentle speaking and touching, using positive reinforcement by responding with movement. It aims to discourage challenging behaviours, such as screaming or hitting, through the removal of the reinforcing movements. The study evaluates the design by comparing how children with ASD play with a fully-interactive Auti to how they play with an active-only version which does the same movements but does not respond to the child. The study also looks at how children classify the toy and whether there is any indication that the skills they learn with Auti will be generalized to other areas. Results from 18 matched participants with confirmed ASD diagnoses indicate that the Interactive Auti does encourage positive behaviours more than the Active-only version, thus showing that it can be an effective medium for applying ABA principles of reinforcement. However, further design and research is needed around addressing challenging behaviours and increasing the range of the children’s behavioural responses.

Interaction Design for Children Conference 2014

We live in a global society where digital artefacts have become part of the everyday lives of children. Be it education, sports activities, rehabilitation or play, technology has come to play an important role in the way children relate to their physical, social and cultural surroundings. IDC 2014 invites researchers and practitioners to share their work on how technology affects children’s well being in a global context and how children, their parents, teachers and peers can contribute to the design of new technology. We invite researchers and participants to share thoughts on emerging technology, new theoretical perspectives, design methods and approaches, and new understandings of child development by questioning how we can build tomorrow’s technology – together.


Paper for Child-Robot Interaction Workshop

This workshop aims to exchange experiences and new ideas concerning issues in Child-Robot Interaction. More specifically, the main aims are to discuss how social bonding between children and robots can be evaluated, how robots can be used to aid children in their learning process, and also what ethical issues arise when children learn from and bond to a robot. Another aim is to discuss how teachers’ and parents’/caretakers’ perspectives on children’s use of robots should be taken into account when designing and evaluating robots for children.

Paper: Child-Robot Interaction Workshop HAndreae 


Desform 2012

Auti was a part of Victoria University’s Exhibition


A user experience conference, this was the first time Auti was exhibited and is what led to the further development of Auti


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